The Holy Spirit High School girls second eight, junior eight and novice eight crews were winners at the Noxontown Regatta IV at St. Andrew's School in Middletown, Del., on Saturday.

The Holy Spirit girls varsity eight was third behind winner St. Andrew's and Kent School (Conn.).


Girls varsity eight-1. St. Andrew's 4:58.38; 3. HS 5:02.34. Girls second eight-1. HS (stroke Meghan Hogan, Amber Worton, Taylor Troy, Lauren Turner, Gemma Bunting, Alexis Theuret, Rebecca Bross, bow Cayleigh McCusker, coxswain Nicole Kilar) 5:12.4. Girls third eight-1. HS girls junior eight (stroke Melissa Clark, Christine Wojciechowicz, Erin Coffman, Megan Gleason, Nichole Vizthum, Catie Vesper, Michaela Baldino, bow Kristi Spicer, coxswain Claire McLenna) 5:14.9. Girls freshman/novice eight-1. HS girls novice eight (stroke Gina Jiacopello, Brianna Coble, Calli Malia, Caitlin McGettigan, Lauren Thomas, Meredith Hardiman, Keely Phillips, bow Jessica Huhn, coxswain Anastasia Ratzlaff) 5:55.2.

Mercer Lake Sprints: The Vineland boys novice eight won flight three of its division at the Mercer Lake Sprints at Mercer County Park.


Boys novice eight (flight 3)-1. Vineland (stroke Kevin Cortes, Kyle Liemiester, Ian Fay, Ryan Fay, Kevin Struck, Bill Butler, Taras Romanchuck, bow Brandon Emons, coxswain Tristen Nester).

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