MAYS LANDING - The local high school crew teams opened up the season at the first Lake Lenape Sprints facing sunny, but windy and cold conditions Saturday on the lake. Most of last year's top boats did well.

The Holy Spirit and Absegami girls varsity eights won separate heats. The Holy Spirit girls lightweight eight rowed in the second eight category and also won. The St. Augustine varsity eight A boat captured its heat, and the Hermits lightweight eight also rowed to victory. Fordham Prep, a guest team from Bronx, N.Y., took the final race of the day, the second boys varsity eight heat.

"It was a tough day, but our guys gritted it out," said St. Augustine coach Ray D'Amico. "All the crews rowed well, considering the conditions."

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The St. Augustine varsity eight A crew of stroke John Ruskey, Alastair Watson, Zack Seither, Shane Dickson, Zach Barth, Austin Neri, Dan Capone, bow Dan Stinson and coxswain Brett Barry won the 1,500-meter heat in 4 minutes, 52.70 seconds. Watson, Dickson, Seither, Capone and Barry were in the varsity eight last year when the Prep finished No. 1 in The Press Elite 11.

"Things went pretty well," said Capone, an 18-year-old Atlantic City resident. "We're looking forward to the season. The conditions today were shaky, but we fought through it. We're hoping to do a little better (today) in Philadelphia."

The second Flick-Horvat Series regatta of the season will be held at 9 a.m. on the Schuylkill River.

The Holy Spirit girls varsity eight was an easy winner in 5:31.31 in heat one. The Spartans were stroke Lauren Slattery, Tara Puhalski, Samantha Stoll, Amanda Reale, Sally Widmann, Megan Gleason, Lauren Turner, bow Michelle Smith and coxswain Claire McLenna. The Spartans were No. 1 in the girls Elite 11, and Slattery, Gleason and Smith were part of the 2012 varsity eight.

"There's a lot of changes since we lost so many seniors, so we'll basically start building up from scratch," said Slattery, a 17-year-old junior from Egg Harbor Township.

Absegami won the other girls varsity eight heat in 5:25.40. Mainland Regional was second in 5:28.11. The Absegami crew was stroke Sue Greenwood, Sam Allen, Briana Riccelli, Bethany Warlich, Falon Irwin, Taylor Parker, Kerri Roman, bow Gabriella Miranda and coxswain Alyssa Rice.

Cedar Creek won the girls varsity four race, plus heat two of boys novice eights. Siobhan Knuttel is the new Cedar Creek boys and girls team coach.

"I'm ecstatic," said Knuttel. "The girls came together and made us really happy. The freshmen boys have been working really hard too, and they clicked when they got on the water."

The Holy Spirit boys team earned two wins for new coach Mike Giegerich. The Spartans boys varsity four won, and the junior eight took heat one of its division.

"It was a good day," Giegerich said.

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Teams-Absegami, Cedar Creek, Egg Harbor Township, Ocean City, Oakcrest, Holy Spirit, St. Augustine Prep, Atlantic City, Mainland Regional, Vineland, St. Augustine Prep, St. Peter;'s Prep, Fordham Prep.

Girls quad-1. HS B (Kasey Maguire, Emily Kane, Kelsy Poley, Calli Malia) 6:04.40; 2. HS A 6:10.16; 3. EHT 6:21.78.

Boys novice four-1. FP 6:22.60; 2. OAK 6:34.73.

Girls novice four-1. VIN (Bethany Malench, Jasmine Hernandez, Emmalyn King, Elisa Hernandez, coxswain Carly Steenland) 7:19.60; 2. CC 7:38.96; 3. OLMA 8:09.20.

Girls novice eight-1. ABS (Brittany Peabody, Lyndsey Sawyer, Samantha Becker, Quadria Jone, Star Sanders, Nicole Markert, Peyton Wagner, Marielle Indyg, coxswain Madison Murphy) (no time); 2. EHT; 3. MAIN.

Boys novice eight (heat one)-MAIN A (Nick Bradley, Quentin Bean, P.J. Higbee, Zachary Ewing, Paul Berges, Robert Splinter, Rick Poon, Gavin Pullan, coxswain Michael Bradley) (no time); 2. SA A; 3. OC.

Boys novice eight (heat two)-1. CC (Ian Martinelli, Austin Long, Andrew Shee, Steve Kozlowski, David Disbrow, Chris Gomez, John Biddle, Mike DeLuca, coxswain Mico Manalay) 6:43.80; 2. HS 6:51.81; 3. MAIN B 7:17.36.

Girls freshman eight-1. HS (Kalli Reganato, Kylie Magee, Tarryn Slattery, Erin Welsh, Olivia Torres, Richie Atkinson, Julia Dalzell, Sara Miller, coxswain Nicole Mayer) (no time); 2. ABS; 3. A.C.

Boys freshman eight-1. OC (Nick DiMarco, Evan Nathan, Colin Stewart, Christian Baumgardner, Joseph Delgrande, Ryan Fisher, Chris Delgrande, Brendan McClure, coxswain Chase Devlin) 5:45.60; 2. SA 5:53.28; 3. MAIN 6:56.30.

Girls junior four (heat one)-1. MAIN (Jaclyn Thompson, Devon Deveney, MariaElena Gambino, Meghan Dorner, coxswain Rachel Kelley) 6:39.50; 2. AC 6:52.04; 3. HS 7:33.20.

Girls junior four (heat two)-1. ABS (Lisa Drozd, Emily McGowan, Hannah Marr, Gabrielle DiGerolamo, coxswain Taylor Hensley) 6:47.20; 2. OLMA B 7:33.10; 3. CC 8:12.77.

Boys junior four-1. SP 5:55.00; 2. EHT 5:56.59; 3. MAIN 5:57.03.

Girls junior eight-1. OAK (Jessica Lindsay, Brianna Knight, Michaela Allen, Victoria Thies, Alonna Bennett, Taylor Phy, Emily Cameron, bow Sam Masker, coxswain Lindsey Prychka) 5:45.27; 2. HS 5:47.56; 3. EHT 5:55.98.

Boys junior eight (heat one)-1. HS (Brett Hanson, Pat Shober, Steve Brown, Jack Marczyk, Jake Fabel, Harrison Gargel, Austin Theuret, Andrew Light, coxswain Giovanni Magro) 5:00.50; 2. SA A 5:05.34; 3. EHT 5:34.00.

Boys junior eight (heat two)-1. SP 5:25.00; 2. SA B 5:36.30; 3. ABS 5:52.22.

Girls lightweight four-1. OAK (Connie Capone, Nicole Littlefield, Morgan Osborn, Danielle LaPergola, coxswain Rebecca Adamo) 6:31.40; 2. EHT 7:01.20.

Boys lightweight four-1. EHT (Danny Warrell, Brian Scheeler, Greg Diggins, Tom Putney, coxswain Matthew Erlandson) 5:49.50; 2. MAIN 6:00.10; 3. CC 6:03.75.

Boys lightweight eight-1. SA (Vince DiPentino, Conor Murphy, Kevin Motylinski, R.J. D'Amico, Josh Power, Connor Burbridge, Bill Mayer, Thomas Puhalski, coxswain A.J. Parra) 5:02.30; 2. HS 5:15.39; 3. OAK 5:18.86.

Girls second eight-1. HS B (lightweight eight) (Cailin McCully, Shannon La Sala, Katie Bainbridge, Tori Light, Olivia Valiante, Nicole Maslowas, Danielle Peck, Sofia Iaconelli, coxswain Kiersten Stone) 5:35.30; 2. HS A 5:40.34; 3. ABS 5:50.61.

Boys second eight-1. ABS (Matt Graham, Chris Piettro, Rami Awad, Evan D'Ambrosio, Tyler Calimer, Soban Ali, Samran Ali, Joey Hawn, coxswain Ryan Kershenblatt) 5:19.50; 2. VIN 5:28.14; 3. SA 5:33.27.

Girls varsity four-1. CC (Nikki Martin, Langley Oudemans, Aeberli Begasse, Gabrielle Torres, coxswain Hope Long) 6:22.30; 2. OAK B 6:24.61; 3. MAIN 6:25.27.

Boys varsity four-1. HS (Drew Remy, Joel Sawyer, J.B. Magee, James Muller, coxswain Emily Giegerich) 5:29.20; 2. OAK 5:33.54; 3. EHT 5:44.18.

Girls varsity eight (heat one)-1. HS (Lauren Slattery, Tara Puhalski, Samantha Stoll, Amanda Reale, Sally Widmann, Megan Gleason, Lauren Turner, bow Michelle Smith, coxswain Claire McLenna) 5:31.31; 2. EHT 5:40.80; 3. OC 6:07.00.

Girls varsity eight (heat two)-1. ABS (Sue Greenwood, Sam Allen, Briana Riccelli, Bethany Warlich, Falon Irwin, Taylor Parker, Kerri Roman, bow Gabriella Miranda, coxswain Alyssa Rice) 5:25.40; 2. MAIN 5:28.11; 3. AC B 5:53.68.

Boys varsity eight (heat one)-1. SA (John Ruskey, Alastair Watson, Zack Seither, Shane Dickson, Zach Barth, Austin Neri, Dan Capone, bow Dan Stinson, coxswain Brett Barry) 4:52.70; 2. MAIN 4:59.49; 3. VIN 5:10.79.

Boys varsity eight (heat two)-1. FP 4:47.20; 2. SA B 4:50.24; 3. ABS 4:51.45.


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