BUENA — Jacob Clark felt the usual pre-race jitters Friday.

The Pleasantville High School junior was anxious as he approached the start of the South Jersey Group II boys 1,600-meter run.

He could have fooled spectators. Clark bolted to the front of the pack, where he stayed until he won the race in 4 minutes, 18.75 seconds.

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“I don’t let that nervousness get to me,” Clark said. “I just get on the track and run.”

Clark was one of 10 local athletes to win sectional titles at the South Jersey Track and Field Championships at Buena Regional High School. Clark’s twin, Isaac, was one of them, winning the Group II 400.

Clark held a comfortable lead for much of the 1,600. As he caught his breath leaning against a fence surrounding the track, he said he was tired, but happy with his performance.

“I didn’t break any form. I tried to just run and not let myself start to slow down,” Clark said.

Other local winners: St. Joseph’s Tykeemah White (Non-Public B 100) and Ashley Leyden (Non-Public B long jump), Our Lady of Mercy Academy’s Karli Ernst (Non-Public B javelin), Buena’s Helena Leyrer (Group II 400 hurdles), Bridgeton’s Braheme Days Jr. (Group II shot put), St. Joseph’s Carl Watson (Non-Public B 400), Middle Township’s Kyree Johnson (Group II long jump) and Brianna Young (Group II discus).

* * *

Braheme Days was nonchalant about his win in the Group II shot put.

The junior standout from Bridgeton threw a meet-record 64 feet, 5¾ inches. Pleasantville’s Dontaye Rivera finished second (60-3). Days hoped to throw farther.

The Bulldogs are the defending champions and trailed Willingboro 34-32 in team scoring after the first day of the meet. Pleasantville is in third with 29. The meet continues today.

Days struggled early to get a throw that satisfied him. His first throw was in the upper 50s. He fouled three throws.

It was his fourth that set the sectional record and won him the South Jersey title.

Despite his disappointment, Days looks forward to throwing the discus today, another event he is expected to win.

“It was a pretty decent day,” Days said. “Now I’m ready to go home.”

* * *

Brianna Young’s early attempts at the discus were no good.

The Barnegat junior was not pleased with her first few throws. Then she calmed down.

“My coach told me to relax, so I did that,” Young said. “My final throw was where I booted up.”

Young threw 131-4 to win the Group II discus. Her personal best is around 136 feet. She hopes to beat that at the state championship next week.

* * *

Helena Leyrer took the first step toward defending her state Group II title in the 400 hurdles. The Buena senior won the sectional race in 1:01.54.

“I was pushing myself really hard,” she said.

Leyrer is chasing after a 1:00 school record in the 400 hurdles. She didn’t accomplish that, but she did earn 18 points for the Chiefs. After day one, Buena was in second place behind Haddonfield (58).

Leyrer runs in two more of her favorite events today — the 100 hurdles and the 1,600-meter relay.

She was the definitive favorite in the 400 hurdles. She used that as her motivation.

“I just tell myself that they’re all coming after me, so I push myself even more,” Leyrer said.

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100—1. Anthony Averett, Woodbury, 10.91; 2. Gary Melton, Cedar Creek, 11.19.

400—1. Colton Newsome, Pennsville, 49.21.

1,600—1. Andrew Sennet, Woodbury, 4:53.83; 2. Chris Rabush, Cedar Creek, 4:56.08; 5. Jordan White, 5:07.74.

400 hurdles—1. Sam Maniglia, Penns Grove, 56.60; 3. Zach Zachowski, Cedar Creek, 57.80.

High jump—1. Averett, Woodbury, 6-4.

Long jump—1. Averett, Woodbury, 23-3 3/4; 2. Melton, Cedar Creek, 22-4.

Shot put—1. Julian Feggins, Haddon Heights, 52-7.

Pole vault—1. James Madden, Haddon Township, 12-0.


100—1. Faleesha Dowe, Penns Grove, 12.56; 6. Mercina Stefanski, Cedar Creek, 13.09.

400 — 1. Dowe, Penns Grove, 57.39; 4. Michelina Hesse, Cedar Creek, 59.29.

1,600—1. Courtney McDaniels, Haddon Heights, 5:24.23.

400 hurdles—1. Courtney Smith, Penns Grove, 1:04.93

Triple jump — 1. Zenee Gadson, Glassboro, 36-111/4.

Javelin—1. Tiaja Harrold, Paulsboro, 123-0.

Discus—1. Cheyenne Lutek, Schalick, 120-5.



100—1. Isaac Williams, Willingboro, 11.21; 2. Darrell Jackson, Bridgeton, 11.34; 5. Michael Bailey, Middle, 11.45; 6. Simba Hampton, Lower Cape May, 11.48.

400—1. Isaac Clark, Pleasantville, 49.21; 5. Jerome Scurry, Bridgeton, 50.65.

1,600—1. Jacob Clark, Pleasantville, 4:18.75.

400 hurdles—1. Marquis Thomas, Pemberton, 57.15; 4. Scurry, Bridgeton, 58.06.

High jump—1. Victor Ogbuehi, Sterling, 6-4; 2. RayShawn Scott, Buena, 6-4; 6. Tariq Adams, Pleasantville, 5-10.

Long jump—1. Kyree Johnson, Middle Township, 22-11/4; 2. Tamar Jackson, Bridgeton, 21-1; 3. Scott, Buena, 21-0.

Shot put—1. Braheme Days, Bridgeton, 64-5 3/4; 2. Dontaye Rivera, Pleasantville, 60-3.


100—1. Shailah Williams, Pemberton, 12.49; 5. Jamiera McCormick, Pleasantville, 12.8; 6. Jovan Childers, Bridgeton, 13.0.

400—1. Williams, Pemberton, 57.24; 2. Helena Leyrer, Buena, 58.85; 4. Erin Frank, Barnegat, 59.31.

1,600—1. Samantha Budd, West Deptford, 5:13.18.

400 hurdles—1. Leyrer, Buena, 1:01.54; 3. Andrea Olsen, Buena, 1:04.36; 5. Casey Sturts, Buena, 1:07.91.

Triple jump—1. Alexa DiGregorio, Woodstown, 36-7 3/4; 3. Yvonne Wolef, Middle, 35-7; 6. Childers, Bridgeton, 33-4.

Javelin—1. Katie Johnston, Haddonfield, 136-5; 3. Lauren Spain, Barnegat, 114-11; 5. Shatina Squair, Pleasantville 110-3; 6. Lizzy Sulecki, Lower Cape May, 106-5.

Discus—1. Brianna Young, Barnegat, 131-4; 3. Ashley Canty, Pleasantville, 115-3; 6. Chyna Saunders, Buena, 105-6.

Pole vault — 1. Shannon McGowan, Sterling, 10-0; 3. Sturts, Buena, 9-6.



100—1. Mike Marcano, Roselle Catholic, 11.31; 2. Carl Watson, St. Joseph, 11.37; 3. Miles Pease, St. Joseph, 11.59; 4. Latroy Spencer, St. Joseph, 11.62.

400—1. Watson, St. Joseph, 50.56; 4. Pease, St. Joseph, 51.73; 6. Pat Roche, Wildwood Catholic, 52.26.

1,600 — 1. Brian Steck, Gill St. Bernard’s, 4:22.85.

400 hurdles—1. Avery Vella, Pingry, 59.59; 5. Antonino Piro, Wildwood Catholic, 1:03.26.

High jump—1. Chazz Patterson, Trenton Catholic, 6-4; 5. Ben Mitchell, St. Joseph, 5-10.

Long jump —1. Patterson, Trenton Catholic, 21-1/2; 2. Scott Weston, Wildwood Catholic, 20-41/2; 3. (tie) John Gery, Wildwood Catholic and Max Helfman, Pingry, 19-111/2; 6. Rocco Ordille, St. Joseph, 18-9.

Shot put—1. Nate King, Trenton Catholic, 45-11/2; 6. Sam Nichols, Sacred Heart, 39-1/2.

Pole vault—1. Andras Deak, Pingry, 10-0.


100—1. Tykeemah White, St. Joseph, 13.18.

400—1. Jeanine Gill, Wardlaw, 59.67.

1,600—1. Sarah Quinn, Gill St. Bernard’s, 5:08.9; 6. Emily Johnson, Wildwood Catholic, 5:25.28.

400 hurdles—1. Deja McGee, Mater Dei, 1:06.09; 3. Ashley Leyden, St. Joseph, 1:08.82.

Triple jump—1. Leyden, St. Joseph, 33-5 1/4.

Javelin—1. Karli Ernst, OLMA, 109-0.

Discus—1. Laura Catanzaro, Mater Dei, 94-2.

Non-Public A South

at South Plainfield


400—1. Theo Foster, CHristian Brothers Academy, 49.05; 2. AJ Dawson, Holy Spirit, 49.50; 5. Craig Henderson, Holy Spirit, 50.91. 1,600—1. Tim Gorman, CBA, 4:21.55; 5. Luke McCann, Holy Spirit, 4:25.24. 400 hurdles—1. Matt Rodio, CBA, 55.59. Long jump—1. Zack McDermott, CBA 22-4 1/2; 2. Justyce Pollitt, St. Augustine, 20-11.


1,600—1. Lindsey Bellaran, RBC, 5:02.06; 2. Bridget Flynn, Holy Spirit, 5:03.79. 400 hurdles— 1. Meghan McMullin, RBC, 1:02.82; 4. Alexis McDuell, Holy Spirit, 1:07.97. Discus—1. Andrea McKenna, St. John Vianney, 113-3.


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