Atlantic City International Airport closed until further notice

Atlantic City International Airport has shut down and will be open only for military and emergency flights until further notice.

Kevin Rehmann, a spokesman for the South Jersey Transportation Authority, which operates the airport, said the decision was made around 10 a.m. All scheduled flights for Sunday night through Monday had already been canceled by Spirit Airline, the airport's sole carrier. However, as of last night some private planes were still allowed to depart.

The upper floors of the Federal Aviation Administration's air traffic control tower at the airport have also been evacuated due to high winds, Rehmann said. The tower stands 150 feet tall. Officials have the ability to monitor the tower through a center located in the airport.

Spirit has also canceled some flights for Tuesday, but a complete list of those flights wasn't immediately available. Spirit has announced it will waive the change fee and difference in fare for any customers who were scheduled to travel through Atlantic City International between Sunday and Wednesday provided that they reschedule to travel on or before Nov. 7.

Those who move travel beyond Nov. 7 will not be charged a change fee, but any different in fare will apply.