ATLANTIC CITY - Four busloads of evacuees are off to a shelter in Trenton after being briefly returned to the city, Emergency Management Director Tom Foley said late Friday.

The residents were driven back to the Sovereign Avenue School after they found there was no room for them at Richard Stockton College.

"They were apparently on the bus a couple of hours," Foley said.

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He said the shelters usually used for Atlantic County residents were stressed because Cape May County - which ordered a full evacuation - used them.

"Cape May County dumped everybody into our facilities," Foley said. "They had to because of the threat of the storm and they had nowhere in their county."

He said this is why emergency management coordinators stress that people should have a plan.

"This is a lesson that needs to be learned," he said. "You must stress that everyone should have their own plan, their own destination."

He said he was sorry to see residents inconvenienced.

"But, thank God, they're on their way to another shelter and out of harm's way," Foley said.

Buses will continue picking up people in the city until the storm is too close. Foley said he would not put bus drivers in harm's way.

"There will be people who hunker down," he said of those who refuse to leave. "I wish them well. This is going to be one heck of a storm. The most historic we've ever had."


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