Many schools that lost days to Hurricane Sandy were able to make up the time without too much readjustment of the calendar due to the cancellation of the New Jersey Education Association convention.

And some of the school districts that had to delay the starting day of classes due to a mold problem adjusted their calendars to include emergency days at the end of the school year.

“But it’s only November now,” said Pleasantville Superintendent Garnell Bailey. “The winter season is around the corner.”

The school year has been tumultuous from the start, especially with the detection and cleanup of mold that caused some schools to reduce spring break and add days to the end of the year.

Both the Linwood and Somers Point school districts were closed three days as a result of the storm. The days were made up by using the days originally set aside for the teachers convention and adding one extra day at the end of the school year. Linwood had three additional days, as emergency days, built in to the end of the year, so one of those days is now accounted for.

Somers Point held a special Board of Education meeting Nov. 5 and revised the school calendar, making the last day of school one day later, on June 20, said Superintendent Jeff Miller.

The Northfield school district has not taken action and is still determining how to make up the final day of three missed. At a Nov. 7 meeting Superintendent Janice Fipp said a decision will be made at the December meeting.

Pleasantville, on the other hand, had to stay closed for five days while it housed evacuees and displaced victims in the high school and middle school buildings.

The original calendar marked Election Day and the convention days as days off, and those days, Nov. 6, 8 and 9, helped reduce the number of makeup days required, Bailey said.

Of the remaining two days, one will be made up by changing a professional development day, typically a day off for students, into an early release day, she said. The district is still determining how it will make up the final day and an official board decision will follow.

“We will have a full 180-day calendar,” Bailey said.

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