Officials announced Monday night that they will allow re-entry to residents and homeowners to collect essential belongings from homes in the hardest hit areas of Long Beach Township — the sections of Holgate and North Beach.

The Long Beach Township Emergency Management announced that residents and homeowners there could be permitted to access their homes Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. No one will be permitted to come on the island after 12 p.m.

Residents from other sections of Long Beach Township and the remaining five municipalities were allowed to come on the island Monday to collect essential belongings from their homes and secure their properties.

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Mayor Joseph Mancini said he is allowing residents of these sections on the island because of their repeated and constant demands.

"We've got to that point because I've received hundreds and hundreds of nasty emails, so we're going to let them on the island on Friday so they can grab and go. They want to get on and they don't care what it looks like so come on aboard," Mancini said.

The Holgate and North Beach sections remained closed to the public Monday as a safety precaution because of sand blocked roads and debris in the area, officials said. The areas were under police and surveillance by the National Guard Monday so the public could not access homes here.

"The Department of Public Works thinks at this time that they will be able to have it safe for people to return and secure their homes get belongings. But people will really have to be reasonable with all the damaged homes in North Beach and Holgate," said township Police Chief Michael Bradley.

The township's goal is to allow uninhibited access to the residents of the community as soon as possible to be able to check on their homes and secure them, Bradley said.

"It's amazing how we arrived here being that a week ago tonight the hurricane came. This has been a tremendous group effort. If we've made this much progress in one week things look very good for our local community. The credit goes to the National Guard, public works and police staff," he said.

Officials are asking residents to have their island re-entry placard in their vehicle window for identification, and also have their driver’s license for inspection. Residents should collect their medication, insurance paperwork, and other important personal effects. Demolition and construction will not be permitted at homes at this time, a release stated.

Residents should place debris and trash so that it does not block emergency vehicles who could need access. Parking will be in designated marked areas and at the direction of patrol officers in the area.

As a result of a state water restrictiom water should not be used for cleaning, power washing or drking in these areas, officials said.

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