LONG BEACH TOWNSHIP –The southern Long Beach Island community of Holgate will be open to homeowners this weekend, Long Beach Township Mayor Joseph Mancini said today.

The opening will be for residents to again come down and check on their homes.

Until then, utility, cleanup and infrastructure work continues in the area, which was hit the hardest by Sandy.

Mancini said their will be no utilities available at the homes.

Residents will have to leave by 4 p.m. All work operations will be shut down this weekend in Holgate, including utility work and bulldozing sand, while the residents are in town; there is not enough room in the area for both work crews and the public, said Mancini.

Mancini said the township will post which homes cannot be entered on the township website by Thursday. He said there are about 30 homes that are unsafe to enter in Holgate.

This weekend is also a chance for homeowners to clean up houses and prepare them for the winter months, he said.