Police in Long Beach Township said they will not put up with gawkers and looters on the island during storm cleanup and search and rescue operations.

Police have been instructed to issue summons and make arrests if necessary, township police Chief Michael Bradley said.

“Those who are remaining on the island are not allowed to drive on the island. Under the letter of the law, they should be gone and should evacuate immediately,” Bradley said.

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There is a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew on Long Beach Island, he said.

“This is a not a safe environment for them to be in. There is heavy equipment, debris, gas leaks and downed power lines,” he said.

On Sunday night, a man was arrested after breaking into a home in the township and taking a flat screen television, he said.

“We have an obligation to protect our homeowners and we will do that and with what we have going on here there is no room for that,” Bradley said.

People have also come ashore by boat, Bradley said, and any other boaters who access the island will be arrested.

Gawkers and sightseers are driving around town and interfering with cleanup operations that are going on with heavy equipment.

“I’ve issued an order to officers that those driving vehicles without authorized access to Long Beach Island will be issued summons and technically they can be arrested and they will be arrested if out after curfew,” he said.

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