Neighbors on Heron Road assess damage to their properties this morning after being let into the Tuckerton Beach for the first time since the storm hit.

Terry Smith's home in Tuckerton Beach is now across the street in his neighbor Vincent Ioia's front yard.

Elsewhere in town, homeowners are trying to smile as they clean up the pieces of their life-- photos, furniture, dishes.

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"Look at that view," Smith said as he pointed across the street to the sun shining on the bay. "It's beautiful. That's why I came here," he said.

Residents only are being allowed to return Saturday to the Tuckerton Beach section of Tuckerton today,.

The section had been closed by police to residents and the public as flooding went down and crews worked to clean up downed power lines and addressed gas leaks. Most residents evacuated from the area earlier this week, although some stayed through the storm.

Officials said seven homes were thrown from their foundations or pilings and simply disappeared.

Residents must have a form of identification or bill that includes their address to get into the area.

Residents should dress appropriately in boots, long pants and gloves to go in the area, said Tuckerton Police Chief Michael Caputo.

A check point will be set up at the police department on South Green Street where residents will be required to present their identification to police to enter the area.

Gas, electric, water, and sewage are still not available in Tuckerton Beach.

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