Vouchers supplied by the Federal Emergency Management Agency allowing residents displaced by Hurricane Sandy to stay in area hotels will expire Thursday, agency spokesman Mike McCormack said.

“(They) may use insurance benefits, or their own funds, to remain in their hotel rooms until they find alternative housing,” he said.

“Survivors may also use rental assistance they receive from FEMA to stay in the hotel, but they are advised that finding short term rental apartments is the best use of their housing assistance,” he said.

McCormack said that 800 people in Atlantic County are still living in the hotels. They have all either been offered rental assistance from FEMA or received some money from their insurance company, he said.

A FEMA outreach strike team went to the 340 participating hotels statewide, trying to steer survivors to the FEMA Housing Portal, which can provide benefits beyond the temporary hotel housing.

FEMA housing portal

The agency’s website can help people who have been displaced find a place to live: