A temporary fire pump installed Tuesday at Liberty Apartments in Atlantic City will let residents displaced since Hurricane Sandy return to their homes next week.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency also announced Tuesday they’d pay for hotel and motel rooms for another two weeks for some Liberty Apartments tenants and other New Jerseyans with nowhere to go after the storm ruined their homes.

Originally due to expire Thursday, the announcement extended funding through Dec. 27, FEMA spokesman Paul Gardner said.

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“FEMA will continue to look at needs and make an assessment every two weeks,” he said.

The city has kept Liberty closed since the storm passed six weeks ago because its fire-suppression system was broken.

The temporary pump brought in Tuesday will allow 97 people to come back to their building at New York and Baltic avenues while a permanent apparatus is procured, building owner Mike Yeoushalmi said.

Installation, testing and inspection are expected to be complete next week.

"We have spent tons and tons of money to get them back into the building," Yeoushalmi said. "Everyone has been very cooperative with us, and we've done everything we can as well."

Yeoushalmi estimated costs to rewire the building, purchase and install temporary and permanent fire pumps, and repair other, more minor damages total close to $500,000.

About 25 Liberty residents have been staying in local hotel and motel rooms while Yeoushalmi and city officials worked to get the building up and running again.

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