Pleasantville City Council has approved a $111,000 emergency appropriation to repair the roofs on several municipal buildings after recent storms aggravated existing problems.

The damage to the roofs of the fire station, police station and City Hall was not directly due to Hurricane Sandy, said city Administrator Linda Peyton.

The roofs were due for repair anyway, said Mayor Jesse Tweedle.

The lifespan of the roofs had expired, Peyton said, and the recent storms pounding on the old roofs made the repairs a priority.

Though the city anticipated partial or 100 percent insurance or FEMA coverage, Peyton told the council that there was going to be no aid for this expense.

While the damage at the fire station is not major, according to fire battalion chief Eric Foster, there are leaks in various places, including the kitchen and dining area.

The council voted unanimously Nov. 19 to approve the appropriation, which will affect next year’s budget.

The total amount of the emergency appropriation raised eyebrows with council members, who cited concerns for next year’s budget and the impact of the emergency expense. The amount listed for appropriated expenses for public grounds and buildings in the 2012 budget was $150,000.

City officials were not available for comment on details of the effect this would have on the city’s budget next year.

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