Ocean City is a premier family destination with a large Boardwalk, amusement parks, miniature golf courses and plenty of public restrooms. There are also plenty of lunch and snack options. What you won't find in Ocean City is a cool beer to wash that sandwich down. The city is a dry town, which means alcohol is not sold within city limits.

Ocean City beaches will offer plenty of room to lay out on the sand this year due to a massive $17 million federal beach fill project.

Going to Ocean City gives you a choice of beach experiences. Go to beaches near Ninth Street and you will enjoy the stereotypical New Jersey beach day, with crowds and easy access to Boardwalk pizza shops and stores. Head to the northern and southern ends of the island and things are calmer.

Ocean City requires beach badges, and badge checkers can be vigilant.

Morning bicycle rides are commonplace in Ocean City, and there are plenty of places to rent bicycles. However, the Boardwalk can get crowded with bicycles on busy mornings. Bicycles are only allowed on the Boardwalk before noon during the season.

Ocean City also has a bike route on Haven Avenue from Ninth to 34th streets. The road has a reduced 15 mile per hour speed limits for motorists and four-way stop signs at most intersections.

Finding parking can be tricky. When parking downtown, a good bet is to go to public parking lots at Sixth, Eighth and Ninth streets and at Moorlyn Terrace, where the lots are large and close to the Boardwalk attractions.

Corsons Inlet State Park in Ocean City makes for a nice morning walk because you can walk from the ocean to the bay along dune habitat, but don't go in the water because there are no lifeguards in the area.


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