Beach Guide
Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Jake Snee, 12, left, and cousin Mike Cox, 15, both from Philadelphia and summer in Strathmere compete in the men's doubles heat during the annual Ocean Kayak Festival in Strathmere Saturday afternoon, August 15, 2009.
Strathmere in Upper Township

Strathmere is a narrow island that offers a no frills beach getaway free of distractions.

There are no amusements, no boardwalks and no beach tags required. Ocean views are unobstructed.

The people who come here love it - and tend to keep quiet about just how nice it is - why encourage more people to show up?

The beaches do get crowded in August, when the beaches host an annual ocean kayak festival - so watch out on that weekend.

Crowds are mostly families and those there more for relaxation than for shore attractions like Ferris wheels. There are few public bathroom facilities.

Parking in Strathmere is free but it may be hard to find.

A good strategy is to not be too selective in finding a good spot. Driving north on Commonwealth Avenue, spaces will become fewer the farther north you drive.


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