Although Surf City's beaches were replenished in 2006-2007, the sand has eroded severely and some beaches have become quite narrow. However, Surf City, like Beach Haven, will continue to be a shore destination for families, even if you the sand gets really crowded.

Because of crowds on the beach, in the late 1990s, the borough decided to bar beachgoers from tossing balls or Frisbees on the beach.

The surfing area is between First and Third streets and surf fishing is permitted from North 23rd to North 25th streets. Surf City's bay beach is at 15th Street and Barnegat Avenue. Both beaches require beach badges.

A mix of large new homes and typical old-fashioned shore houses - many of them duplexes, lines the beachfront.

Public restrooms can present a problem since the only facilities available are at Borough Hall. Sandy, sunkissed families can be seen crowding into the tiny restrooms on summer afternoons. Businesses in the borough, like many across LBI, do not open their restrooms to the public, unless you're a paying customer.