Here are some ideas for frugal and creative hostess gifts or as thank-you items for neighbors or anyone who helps you throughout the year (postman, garbage collector, etc.). You can also give them as impromptu Happy New Year! greetings.

Kids out of school for the holidays can be kept busy and engaged making the crafts.

1. Decorated bottles. One great idea is to make bottles of infused vinegar. Kids can place herbs like basil in a white wine vinegar bottle. The bottle can then be decorated with ribbons, flowers, and anything else that strikes your children's fancy. These handcrafted bottles look lovely sitting on a kitchen counter.

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2. Play-dough to keep little hands busy. Make homemade play-dough, wrap with cloth, and attach cookie cutters. The fun homemade play-dough will keep little one's busy while waiting for dinner.

3. Beaded ornaments. Bead ribbon for a wonderful keepsake and holiday tree ornament. Children will love to help make the ornaments.

4. Jelly jars are perfect. Fill jelly jars with decadent chocolates and decorate the outside

5. Serving trays. Decorate a picture frame with holiday pictures or holiday cards, add handles to the side, and place holiday cookies on top. Makes the perfect inexpensive serving tray.

6. Holiday coasters. Coasters are sure to be loved by any hostess and the kids will have so much fun designing them.

7. Crafty cinnamon sticks. Decorated cinnamon sticks are also great fragrant presents for moms. Cinnamon sticks are extremely cost effective and they can be decorated with beads, ribbons and pipe cleaners.

8. Bird feeder. Let the birds in on the holiday festiveness. Children can decorate a suet feeder and give to hostess to hang outside for the birds.

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