A Bubble Wrap football is a must have for your Super Bowl party. PHIL MASTURZO

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV Feb. 6 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for the championship title.

The Steelers, eight-time AFC champions, have won six out of seven Super Bowl games. The NFC champion Packers have won three of four Super Bowl games.

Due to the close proximity of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on Jan. 31 and the big game, Sealed Air, the makers of Bubble Wrap brand cushioning, combined the two and challenged bubble-wrap fans to come up with ideas to make your Super Bowl "pop" with creative crafts made with Bubble Wrap.

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I encountered several problems while making this football with instructions provided by Sealed Air. After three attempts, I narrowed the four pieces that make up the football, and came up with a few extra tips to help you make it just in time for the big game.

A football is shaped to make it aerodynamic to spiral when it is thrown correctly.

Because I used a slimmed-down template for my football, it decreased the overall size of the finished product. I should have scaled back my laces, but the photo will give you a better idea of how to make it.


About 6 12- by 12-inch sheets of 3/16th-inch Bubble Wrap brand cushioning. I found it at a store that sells packing materials.

Cardboard football template 13 inches from tip to tip and 6 inches wide

Low-temperature glue gun



Trace football template diagonally onto four pieces of Bubble Wrap and cut out.

Lay one of the shapes horizontally on a table, bumpy side down and put a line of glue on the smooth side along the top edge from left to right.

Line up and place another football shape smooth side down onto the glued piece. Both smooth sides should be facing together, glued on the top edge.

Take a third shape and attach it, smooth side to smooth side the same way. Do the same with the last piece, leaving two edges of the football unglued.

This creates a three-dimensional football.

Allow the glue to harden for about 15 minutes, then carefully turn the football inside out, so the smooth side is now on the outside.

Stuff the football with leftover scraps of Bubble Wrap, saving a 3- by 12-inch piece for the laces.

When stuffed, close the seam by running glue along one side of the opening on the smooth side. Turn the other edge slightly under, and press together until it holds.

Cut the remaining strip of Bubble Wrap into four equal-sized pieces. Put glue on the smooth side of each piece and roll into sausage shapes.

Glue each one about finger width apart over the seam.

Decorate in your favorite team colors or with stickers.



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