lunch money locket
In just a few minutes you can turn a metal mint container into a lunch money locket. Phil Masturzo

With all the dozens of things you have to remember each day as you get ready for school, forgetting your lunch money would be one of the worst. Going hungry may seriously hinder your ability to learn.

In just a few minutes, you can turn a metal mint container into a lunch money locket so you can keep your cash close while looking pretty cool at the same time. I made these lunch lockets with instructions I found at online.


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Small metal mint container with a hinged lid

Acrylic paint


3-foot long piece of string or metallic craft cord. Be sure it's thin enough to fit around or through the tin's hinge so the lid can still close

White craft glue

Small plastic animals or fake jewels, stickers, etc.


Clean the inside of the tin.

Paint the top and let it dry.

Thread the string or metallic cord around or through (depending on the type of tin) the tin's hinges.

Pull both ends of the string tight, so that they fit snugly around the hinge, and then knot the strings together near the ends to form a loop.

Glue plastic animals and/or jewels or place stickers on the top of the tin.

If you used glue, allow time for it to dry before you fill it with coins.


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