According to reports, Snowzilla, the 25-foot-tall-plus celebrity snowman that first made an appearance in a residential neighborhood in 2005 in Anchorage, Alaska, is back up.

The snowman that turned into a local attraction was banned by the local authorities and labeled a nuisance a few years ago. When a new administration was elected, many people hoped Snowzilla would make a return appearance. And it has.

In many other places, snowmen have fared far better than usual due to all of the frozen precipitation - if it hasn't been too cold for you to go outside and create them.

But if you are one who prefers to build your snowmen indoors, you can find lots of different ones to make at Kid Activities, a website for teachers at

Use these instructions to make a Jumbo Craft Stick Snowman featured on the site.

It might help keep boredom at bay when we get hit with the next snowstorm that keeps you inside.


7 jumbo craft sticks

White and black acrylic paint and sponge brushes

Ribbon, about 5 inches long

2 large wiggle eyes

5 small pebbles, buttons or pompoms for mouth

Orange craft foam

Scrap of cardboard

Hole punch


Fast grab tacky glue



Cover your work surface with old newspapers.

Paint six of the craft sticks white and set aside to dry.

Paint the remaining craft stick black and set aside to dry.

Paint the top 2 inches of the white sticks black for the hat.

While the sticks are drying, measure and cut out a rectangle 3 3/4 inches wide by 5 inches high. Make two vertical cuts about 1 inch long in the top of the center of the cardboard. Fold slightly to make a flap. Punch a hole in the center of the top to hang from a nail.

Glue the six white craft sticks to the cardboard, lining up the bottom white ends just below the bottom edge of the cardboard.

Glue the black craft stick down to create the brim of the hat, using the photo as guide.

Glue the wiggle eyes to the snowman's face.

Draw and cut out a carrot freehand from the orange foam for the snowman's nose and glue beneath his eyes. Make the nose long enough that it sticks out just beyond his face.

Glue the ribbon around the hat, just above the brim.

Glue the small stones (or buttons) to the snowman's face in the shape of a smile.