Children often daydream of finding buried treasure by following a secret map to a spot marked "X." Or they might wish to uncover a site where an unfortunate ship met its fate in the depths of the sea.

Some modern treasure hunters search for lost history, such as the remains of the RMS Titanic, which Robert Ballard discovered in 1985 after searching for more than 10 years.

I found instructions for making a salvage submarine that you can pretend to use on a treasure hunt at Use "salvaged" supplies from discarded packaging items you have at home. Be inventive. Challenge yourself to make do with what you find in your recycle bin.


Milk or juice carton

Masking and colorful duct tape


Small paper cups and a larger paper cup

Lid from coffee creamer that pops open for your sub hatch or something similar

Two toilet paper and two paper towel tubes

4 cup sections cut out of an egg carton or small disposable plastic containers

Yellow markers or paint and brush

Fast grab tacky glue

Small clear plastic lid (optional)


Cover the paper tubes and carton with colorful duct tape.

Paint or color the cups and egg sections yellow and let dry.

Glue the small cups to one end of each tube. Glue the egg cups to the other ends.

Attach the tubes to the sides of the carton with masking tape by folding a small piece of tape over on itself, sticky side out.

Glue the large cup to the top of the carton for an escape hatch and the lid to the top of the cup.

Glue a small clear plastic lid near the front for an "observation bubble," if you would like.

You can add more details to make the sub look cool, such as grasper arms by combining two bendable straws. Make "hands" on the end with tape and add a window to the front of the sub with blue construction paper.

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