These cute message birds can hold reminders and appointment cards. The craft was found in the "Free Summer Crafts for Kids" eBook at Favecrafts Craft Collection as submitted by Kathleen George. The book can be found at I modified the directions slightly for our use.

Supplies you will need:

3-inch Styrofoam brand egg for each bird

1 wooden spring-type clothespin

Thick, white craft glue

Low-temp glue gun

Acrylic paints and paintbrush

2 3/8-inch craft foam circles


2 10-mm wiggle eyes for each bird

Cord or string (optional)

Wooden skewer

Card or paper with message


Make a neck by pressing the egg against a hard surface at a slight angle on the narrow end of the egg to flatten. You also may want to do the same on the egg bottom, so the body will sit flat.

Use glue gun to glue the clothespin to the neck area for head. The open end should be at front of bird.

Insert skewer into bottom of bird to use as handle. Paint entire bird color and place in heavy glass or jar to dry. Remove skewer.

Use skewer to poke tiny holes into each side of body for two to four feathers. Apply dot of glue to hole and push tip of feather into it.

Glue two craft foam circles to opposite sides of clothespin and glue wiggle eyes to the center of the foam. Be sure not to glue clothespin closed.

Tie string to wire string for hanging birds. Insert message into beak.

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