Do It Together
Published: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Three-dimensional paint can transform a plain mug or saucer into a wonderful gift for grandparents.
Mug pays tribute to grandparents

While the first Sunday after Labor Day was National Grandparents Day, it doesn't mean that's the only time to let grandma and grandpa know how much they are cared for.

Parents can help their children show their grandparents how important they are by helping them make this gift with a mug or teacup purchased from a craft store and some three-dimensional paint. Use these directions I found at the Learning Channel's How Stuff Works Web site at I modified them for our use.


Plain mug or tea cup and saucer

3-D paint in various colors

Embellishments such as craft foam hearts, fake jewels, decals and ribbon

Glitter glue

White glue


Paint the cup with words and phrases that tell your grandparents how you feel about them such as "1 Grandma" or "Grandpas are Great." You can write surprise messages of love on the inside of the cup and underneath it.

Paint pretty designs on the cup or glue on foam hearts, jewels, decals, ribbons and glitter.



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