Make an alligator sewing kit to take on your next trip with instructions found at Type "alligator sewing kit" in the search box.

Supplies you will need:


Felt sheets in green, white and red.

Pinking shears.

Green embroidery thread.

Large-eye needle.

Green pompoms.

2 wiggle eyes.

2 green beads or sequins.


Cut an oval (about 8 by 4 inches) from green felt. From white felt, cut the same shape, but slightly smaller. Then cut one from red felt that's a bit smaller still. Create jagged teeth around the edge of the white felt by trimming it with pinking shears.

Center the pieces on top of each other (green, white, then red).

Use the embroidery thread and needle to sew two or three large stitches through the center of the stack of felt to bind the three layers. Then tie the ends of the thread into a double knot (on the outside of the alligator) and trim off any excess.

For the alligator's eyes, glue green pompoms and wiggle eyes, and for a snout, glue or sew on the sequins or beads.

Fill with items to make quick sewing repairs, such as thread, needles, straight pins and safety pins.