Orville and Wilbur Wright could hardly have imagined the heights aviation would soar after they built the first successful airplane more than 100 years ago.

The brothers built and tested their heavier-than-air machine on Dec. 17, 1903, near Kitty Hawk, N.C. The plane flew 120 feet and was in the air 12 seconds.

National Aviation Week (Aug. 15-21) is a national observation that celebrates aviation. National Aviation Day was established in 1939 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to fall each year on the anniversary of Orville Wright's birthday, Aug. 19.

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In honor of National Aviation Week, build a sweet little candy aircraft that resembles the Wright brothers' contributions to aviation with these directions I found at http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/candy-airplane-662757/ on the Web.


Thin rubber band

Peppermint Life Savers

Roll of Smarties candy

Stick of cinnamon gum

Small stickers


Thread the rubber band through the holes of two Life Savers, then balance the roll of Smarties between them, across the rubber band.

For wings, balance the stick of gum on top, perpendicular to the Smarties, and pull the rubber band up and over each side of the gum to hold it all in place.

Decorate the wings with tiny stickers.

Tips: If smaller fingers are having trouble with all that balancing and stretching, have one person hold the candy in place while another works the rubber band up and over the gum.


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