For your last blast of summer, I made a watermelon tin to hold items for a picnic with instructions I found at html on the Web. While I was unable to find a papier-mache picnic basket that the directions call for, I found a tin pail a great substitute. Also, these instructions are less complicated.


Metal pail with handle

Red, green and black acrylic urethane water-based paint for outdoor use (available at craft stores)

Sponge brushes and flat paint brushes


Clear acrylic sealant (optional)


Cover your work surface with newspapers. Use a sponge brush to paint the outside of the pail with red paint, leaving the top rim unpainted. Let dry.

Use a sponge brush to paint the lid and a flat brush to paint the top rim of the pail green.

Paint small black "seeds" in a random pattern on the outside of the pail with a small flat brush.

As an option, you can spray a clear sealant on the can to resist scratches.

Fill with plastic tableware and other necessities and store with the lid on until your next picnic.