An animated, 3-D riff on the Rapunzel fairy tale, "Tangled" turns out to be a humorous, prettily made delight, and a good bet for kids 6 and older. The dialogue brims with modern slang, but the anachronistic language is consistent and somehow it works, despite the medieval setting. The sorceress Mother Gothel (voice of Donna Murphy) steals the baby princess Rapunzel from the castle and locks the child in a tower. Rapunzel grows up thinking the sorceress is her overprotective mother. The king and queen still hope to see their child again and send colorful lanterns into the sky every year on her birthday. Through the sorceress' machinations, Rapunzel's ever-growing (600 feet) magical hair keeps the crone looking young. When Rapunzel reaches 18 (now voiced by Mandy Moore), while her "mother" is away, the tower is scaled by Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), a thief on the run, having just stolen a crown from the palace. He's pursued by Maximus, a haughty royal horse (who often acts like a dog). Rapunzel, aided by her chameleon Pascal (adorable), bops Flynn on the head with a skillet. So they "meet cute." Flynn helps Rapunzel get out and see a bit of the world, and then drops his criminal ways to protect her from those who want to cause her harm. "Tangled" is also an old-style musical, with tuneful ballads and witty production numbers.

The bottom line: Besides the head-banging with the skillet, there is a scene in which Rapunzel and Flynn nearly drown, but most of the action sequences are not scary and played for comedy. The 3-D effects are muted and not likely to scare kids 6 and older.