Family Film Review
Published: Monday, May 03, 2010
In ‘Furry Vengeance,’ Dan (Brendan Fraser) has moved his family to a new subdivision surrounded by wilderness. It is a move the animals in the neighborhood don’t take a liking to.
Movie Review: ‘Furry Vengeance’

Nightmare-prone kids younger than 10 or those who freak out at the idea of animals conspiring and acting human may not have an easy time at "Furry Vengeance." That's OK - they won't miss much.

This leaden and preachy farce about woodland creatures getting revenge against a forest-flattening developer is about as subtle as a buzz saw. Dan (Brendan Fraser) has moved his family from the big city to a McMansion project nestled in the Pacific Northwest woods, where he is the spineless (and clueless) front man for a rapacious tycoon (Ken Jeong). Yet Dan thinks of himself as an environmentalist. A sly raccoon starts organizing local wildlife to sabotage everything Dan does. He becomes the victim of serial slapstick disasters that include many skunks letting fly in his SUV while he's in it.

The movie uses live animals, but changes their expressions digitally (they never speak). The effect is more creepy than cute.

The bottom line: Besides critter-poop and skunk-spray humor, there is a disgusting episode with Dan trapped in a falling portable potty. In another, he swells up after being attacked by bees or wasps. The raccoon and its friends cause the car of another environmental villain to fall off a cliff, though it's implied the man survives. There is mild sexual innuendo and a tasteless verbal joke about Native Americans. A security guard shoots animals with tranquilizer darts and cages them, but they're OK.


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