There are moments in this French-made documentary (released here by Disneynature, with Pierce Brosnan reading the translated narration) that could unsettle children younger than 10.

Nature films can't avoid (and in some cases exploit) the predator/prey aspect of animal life. It's not overdone in "Oceans," but certain scenes might worry smaller kids.

Gorgeously filmed, the movie celebrates the varied creatures that inhabit the deep or live on the shore, and how miraculously beautiful, bizarre or just cute they are. There are sweet scenes of mother walruses cuddling their young, dolphins spinning and leaping, whales swimming and feeding, octopi rippling through the depths. The narration can be irritatingly florid, then preachy when the focus turns to pollution and global warming. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato perform a duet, "Make A Wave," that plays over the end credits.

The bottom line: There are whales catching dolphins for dinner, sea birds snatching up baby sea turtles, and other sobering moments of "real nature." These scenes are bloodless - the camera always cuts away before death becomes obvious - but it's clear what's happening. There is harrowing footage of a trawler riding huge waves in a storm.