Avalon Grill and Ice Cream, 2813 Boardwalk, 609-368-3641

Buccaneer Ice Cream and Candies, 2659 Dune Drive, 609-967-1119

Latest Video

Sundae Best Homemade Ice Cream, 2900 Dune Drive, 609-368-1121

Cape May

Cocomoe's Ice Cream Parlor, 315 Jackson St., 609-884-2222

Dairy Queen, 320 Washington Mall, 609-884-0421

Dry Dock Ice Cream Bar, 1440 Texas Ave. 609-884-3434

Kohr Brothers, 513 Washington Mall

Rita's, 707 Beach Ave., 609-884-0229

Uncle Charley's Ice Cream, 310 Washington St., 609-884-2197

Waffles And Ice Cream, Beach Drive, 609-884-9057

North Wildwood

Barnacle Bill's, 2307 Delaware Ave., 609-522-8077

Dreamsicles Ice Cream Parlor, 405 E. 10th Ave., 609-522-5631

Hassels Ice Cream Parlor, 430 E. 20th Ave., 609-522-6191

Ocean City

A La Mode Ice Cream Parlour, 301 E. 55th St., 609-398-2207

Anthony's Water Ice, 962 Boardwalk, 609-391-7800

Baskins-Robbins Ice Cream, Ninth Street and Boardwalk, 609-398-1461

Carousel, 332 Atlantic Ave., 609-399-8210

Dairy Queen, 1020 Boardwalk, 609-398-0064

Dairy Queen, 101 E. 34th St., 609-399-3566

Get the Scoop, 801 E. 8th St. 609-399-4511

Hobby Horse Ice Cream Parlor, 800 Ocean Ave., 609-399-1214

Jake's Water Ice, 1213 Asbury Ave., 609-814-0900

Jimmies Deli & Ice Cream, 3116 Asbury Ave., 609-398-6557

Johnny B Goode Ice Cream Parlor, 1363 Asbury Ave., 609-525-0646

Kohr Brothers, Wonderland Pier, Boardwalk, 609-391-9363

Kohr Brothers, Seventh Street and Boardwalk, 609-399-6327

Kohr Brothers, 820 Boardwalk, 609-399-8764

Kohr Brothers, 1140 Boardwalk, 609-399-1332

Kohr Brothers, 986 Boardwalk

Rita's, 900 Boardwalk, 609-398-3385

Rita's, 1348 Boardwalk, 609-391-8599

T J's Ice Cream Plus, 100 E. Atlantic Blvd. 609-398-5055

TCBY Ocean City, 761 Asbury Ave., 609-398-4444

TLC Polish Water Ice, 1068 Boardwalk, 609-399-2662

Sea Isle City

Rita's, 4109 Landis Ave., 609-263-6565

Stone Harbor

Beaches Ice Cream Parlor, 2813 Boardwalk, 609-368-4448

Cold Stone Creamery, 271 96th St., 609-967-5008

Cream & Co., 266 96th St., 609-368-6525

Dairy Queen, 326 E. 96th St. 609-368-5150

Jersey Shore Ices, 261 96th St. 609-368-1427

274 96th St.

Springer's Ice Cream, 9420 Third Ave., 609-368-4631

West Cape May

Chillin Ice Cream and Water Ice, 102 Sunset Blvd., 884-6350


Dairy Queen, 2816 Boardwalk, 609-522-3669

Duffer's Restaurant & Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor, 5200 Pacific Ave., 609-729-1817

Jitterbug Malt Shop, 4500 Ocean Ave., 609-889-2393

Kohr Brothers, 2518 Boardwalk

Kohr Brothers, 3500 Boardwalk

Kohr Brothers, 4001 Boardwalk

Wildwood Crest

Bandanas Ice Cream & Coffee Bar, 5607 Atlantic Ave., 609-522-5735

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