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What's in your wallet? Had you asked me that a few years ago, I would have told you my license, credit card, and perhaps a few bucks. That wallet would have been kept inside of a nice leather purse that went with my coordinated outfit. Along with the wallet, lipstick, lip balm, a mirror, dental floss, gum and a travel size perfume would have also resided in my pre-baby era purse.

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During my pregnancy, the contents remained the same, with the addition of Tums, a vomit bag, crackers and my OB/GYN's contact card. I guess you could say the transition to motherhood is slow, but even with nine months to prepare, a baby changes everything in an instant and you feel like your life is turned upside down. Much like the contents of your single-and-haven't-a-care-in-the-world handbag.

Once the baby is born, your definition of "necessities" is redefined. Out with the cute leather purse, out with the lipstick and out with the perfume. Unashamedly taking their place in your little bag of tricks is a diaper bag bursting at the seams with diapers, wipes, change of clothes, change of clothes just in case the change of clothes gets spoiled, baby food, baby bibs, blankets, sunscreen, sunhats...and the list goes on. The little handbag that you swung in rhythm with your confident gait has been replaced with a ten pound diaper bag that you drag while trying to balance the 30-pound car seat in the crook of your elbow. That confident walk has turned into a canter reminiscent of Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. And when you make reservations for dinner ... oh wait, that's right, you don't actually go out to dinner anymore unless it's at Red Robin or some other comparable loud restaurant to help mask the screams of the baby. When you make your seating reservation with the hostess, you must account for an extra seat to house the ten pound diaper bag. And then there is the extra seat needed to allow room for the bag's contents to be dumped out so you can find the baby spoon that is hidden at the bottom of the bag. If you are a new mother, take heart - we all go through this transition from fashionista to bag lady with the arrival of our bundle of joy.

You may be wondering why I am writing a blog about the contents of my purse. I don't blame you. The details of one's handbag are not exactly mind-blowing news worthy of a 6 o'clock news feature. I think the purse and contents of which it holds are a perfect representation of how your life changes with the addition of a baby, and how your priorities change. The purse, once considered a fashionable accessory in your wardrobe, has become outdated and updated with a functional baby bag. In presentation alone, you are putting the baby's needs before your stylish vanity. And your previous "necessities" (i.e. lipstick) are long-forgotten and replaced with the true fundamentals needed to care for and nurture your child. As a mother, you have become selfless. You have checked your vanity at the door to welcome something more important in your life ... parenthood. You may walk out the door with bags under your eyes, spit up on your shoulder, and a mismatched diaper bag, but in your baby's eyes, you have never looked better.


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