The other night, as I rocked my fussy daughter, Isabella, to sleep at 3 a.m., I thought about the gifts that I would like most this year. They are last minute gifts that my daughter could give me without a frantic trip to the mall. More importantly, since she does not yet hold down a steady job at 17 months old, they are free and could be given in abundance if she so desired. Furthermore, since gift wrapping could be a messy ordeal with a toddler, these presents would be grand without any boxes, ribbons or bows.

1. A Silent Night - Yes, it is true. Mommy really would like a silent night. A night in which my daughter would sleep through the entire night in her crib, sans a 3 a.m. consolation session. This particular gift is actually packaged with free bonuses - no bags under my eyes, and no road map of wrinkles that draw further attention to my tired eyes.

2. A Day in Which Mommy Feels Like She is Running the Show - Let's face it, most days my daughter is the boss of the household. Actually, I think I am being quite generous by saying "most" days. Isabella is pretty much the queen bee everyday, and me, I am just the worker bee, making sure she is fed, clothed, and all demands are met. This day, I would call the shots and my daughter would happily oblige.

3. A Fuss-Free Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or All of the Above - During mealtime, I transition from Betty Crocker to Rosie the Maid as soon as the food is placed at her table setting. When Isabella is not interested in a particular food (which is most foods I serve her), she makes it known and takes a very messy stance. The gift of a quarrel-free feast to relieve me of my housemaid duties for five minutes would be helpful and much appreciated.

4. The Gift of a Good Morning - I love the mornings when my daughter greets the new day with a smile and a great big hug for me. Those tender moments when she wraps her arms around me and doesn't want to let go are endearing, and a great way to start the day for both of us. I would like more mornings that start with a cheerful grin and warm embrace.

Try as I might to think of more for my wish list, it ends here. Though I am sure there will be an addendum to this list as my daughter grows up and begins to sarcastically talk back to me, right now I have a great kid that blesses me with her presence every day. Now that is the best present of all.