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Now that summer is nearing its' end and making way for a new school year, let's take a moment to reflect on how you spent it. Where did you venture to during the dog days of summer? Oh, where have I been, you ask?

Well let's see. In June, I spent a few of my vacation days at the pediatrician's office for various ailments, such as ear infections, fevers and viruses. The view was stunning and the attractions were breathtaking - runny noses, red irritated eyes, and the sound of coarse coughing serenading me in the background. And then in July a few weeks later, we decided to take a return trip to said pediatrician's office to further bask in the delightful melodic sounds of coughing and hacking. You may think that two vacations to the same location may get boring and monotonous. You would be wrong indeed. There are so many different ailments to choose from on this itinerary, that you keep coming back for more. In fact, in the month of August alone, my daughter has made seven exciting trips to her doctor's office. S-E-V-E-N. First there was the ailment that we thought was a different ailment. But it turns out we were wrong, and surprise, she had a different malady. Then, there were the two afflictions brought on by the antibiotic for the one ailment. Then there was just a snowball of blurred visits from there.

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And to think, in previous years, my vacation days were wasted with silly little trips to Italy, Florida, and France. I recall a time when I did not use up enough personal days during the year, so I had to take unplanned days off so I would not lose them. Now personal days are a rare commodity that I would be willing to trade my hubby for (haha, just kidding babe! But seriously, how many days would we be talking about?)

Over my summer vacation I have made a few new friends, including Dr. Andrews, Dr. Gupta and their entire medical staff. We have spent so much time together, I just might induct them into my extended family. That would mean we would share even more time together, including holidays, and late night gatherings. Actually, we already converse via late night frantic phone calls (my baby has a fever, should I take her to the hospital?!) And I am sure over the following years there will likely be a holiday visit in store for us, too. In fact, my husband and I keep a bottle of wine on hand just in case (knock, knock. Happy Holidays, Dr. Andrews! Can we come in so you can look at this rash on our daughter's butt?)

Though I am sure the doctors would mind if we showed up at their house on Christmas, my husband and I wouldn't. We think highly of Dr. Andrews and Dr. Gupta and are pleased that our daughter is in the care of their capable hands. Our friends and family stressed the importance of finding a good pediatrician, so we were a little stressed when we began our search. I had polled our friends who had children and actually created a spreadsheet that showed the pros and cons of each doctor. Yes, I am a little Type A, and clearly that was when I had way more time on my hands. One friend gave Med 4 Kids two thumbs up and five stars, so they became the clear winner in our survey. We couldn't be happier with our choice, which is good, because when you figure three weeks a year times 18 years, the doctor's office is going to become our regular vacation day hot spot. If you are going to give up your vacation days to spend them wiping snot, hopefully you are wiping the snot of someone you love, under the medical direction of someone you trust.


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