Mary Oves
Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Mary Oves
In praise of pumpkins and all things fall

So we're in for a bout of Indian Summer.


Back out come the shorts, back in go the Uggs, and the rush is on to embrace all that is fall, before winter rears its icy head. So this blog is dedicated to my favorite time of year, and some of my favorite things:

· The gloaming

· Spiced cider

· Rubber spiders

· Scarecrows

· The theme of "Halloween"

· Pumpkin bread

· Hoodies

· Impromptu beach days

· Spirit of Halloween

· The crunch of leaves

· Hiking

· Scooby Doo

· Candy apples

· Parades

· Gingerbread men

· Pumpkin coffee

· Yankee candles

· Cinnamon brooms

· Smithville Village

· Pumpkin muffins

· Fire pits

· Haunted train rides

· S'mores

· Chili

· J. Crew sweaters

· Merlot

· Corn mazes

· Ghosts in trees

· Grilled filet

· Witches on brooms

· Yams with brown sugar and butter

· Bike rides through foliage

· Trick or Treat

· Pumpkin cookies

· Open windows when you're covered in blankets

· Clementines

· Jumping in leaves

· Hay bales

· Calvin and Hobbes

· "Carpe diem"

· Fire pokers

· Skeletons

· Fairmount Park

· West Virginia

· Terror in the Junkyard

· University Avenue

· Face painting

· Coffee shops

· Pumpkin pancakes

So here's to fall, and all it contains.

Yeah, ok. So I like pumpkin.


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