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I heard a woman on the beach today telling her friend they should go out for drinks.

"After all, summer is almost over!" she said.

Huh? It is? And here I thought it was only July.

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Are people crazy? I have colleagues calling me and asking me what classes I have in September. That's two months away. Who cares what's going to happen in two months? I don't even know what's going to happen at 5 p.m. The closest I come to seeing into the future is the knowledge that in one half hour I am going to have a glass of red wine.

Summer wants to be popular, and wants everyone to like it, but some just don't. Many people just think of summer as a hot, busy, boring annoyance, and count the days until it's over.

I feel sorry for those people.

There are different types of summer people, too.

There's the type who suffer so much when summer is over, you can see their pain. They look out of place in the winter, and their skin looks ruddy even in 12- degree weather. Eventually, these people move to places like Florida, and the Dominican Republic, where it's summer all year round. We're glad for them. We're sick of hearing them complain about the cold.

There's the type who extend summer as long as they can. When you're going to craft fairs in October, they're texting you, telling you to "get down here and get you're a#* on the beach!" Every nice, sunny day prompts them to say, "This is it, the last beach day of the year, and you're looking at pumpkins??" They wear flip flops and shorts way past what's comfortable, and take serious summer vacations in the middle of winter, like to Florida and the Dominican Republic, for weeks at a time to sustain their tans. They'll ski or go sledding, but only begrudgingly, when they're not "away," and because there's "nothing better to do." We get it, their attitude, but it gets old.

The next type enjoys summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but admits when it's over. I think this is me. I'm a teacher, and I have three school-age children. Once school starts with fall sports, there is little I can do to bring back the ease and laid-back attitude from the summer.

On the weekends, though, if there are no sports, we'll chuck the dirty house and laundry, and bring our dog and surfboards to the beach for a few hours, to squeeze what little we can out of what's left. But reality sets in every Sunday - all the clothes to wash, uniforms to get ready, practices, religious education, meetings, lunches. It's overwhelming, and important to have a strong mindset. Alas, you must admit, summer is over.

This last type is the worst offender. They're not upfront enough to admit they don't like summer, so they try to ruin it for the rest of us. They buy school clothes in July, and they shun the fun and sun activities in protest. At the end of the summer, they say, "That was a great summer, wish it weren't over," but they're thinking, "Thank goodness it's fall."

Of course, parents of college-age students, out of necessity, have to start scrambling in August. A lot of colleges start early, and comforters and computers are needed. And many high school fall-sports camps have started, so they're feeling the pinch of the new school year.

But for the rest of you who are trying to close down our summer moods with your pre-fall anticipation, shame on you. Some of us still have a lot planned.

My family vacation of biking and white-water rafting isn't until the end of August. I still have three birthdays to plan, a spa day to attend and a trillion beach days. But you don't hear me announcing it in the newspaper. Well, OK, I just did, but it's not the same.

You want school to start? Good for you. Just keep your opinions to yourself!

Some of us aren't ready.

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