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Applebee's Neighborhood Grill, 205 Route 72 West, 609-978-0700. A known quantity for a family night out.  click here for menu

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L.A.'s Restaurant, 635 Rt. 72, 609-978-6565. Offering everything from pizza to lobster. http://www.las-restaurant.com/menu.htm" target="_blank">click here for menu

Le Sorelle, 291 Route 72 East, 609-597-0220, Classic Italian favorites with some interesting additions on the menu. click here for menu

Ming Dynasty Buffet, 626 Route 72 East, 609-978-2251. Chinese favorites, along with a Mongolian grill, crab legs and lots of good desserts.

Mud City Crab House, 1185 East Bay Ave., 609-978-3660 Casual dining just over the causeway bridge. Eat on picnic benches outside.  http://www.mudcitycrabhouse.com/menu.html" target="_blank">click here for menu

Villaggio Italian Restaurant, 100 McKinley Ave., 609-978-9899. Good food and atmosphere.  http://www.villaggiomanahawkin.com/menu.html" target= "_blank">click here for menu


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