Still warm and sunny, but turning less humid on Tuesday

After a pair of very windy and very humid days, Monday evening's thunderstorms have swept the high humidity out to sea, at least for a few days. Expect warm but less humid sunshine on Tuesday with highs in the low to mid 80s.

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Are you ready for a break from the high humidity and brisk winds? One benefit to Monday evening’s gusty storms: the winds and the soupy air were swept out to sea, at least for a few days.

It’s not a clean sweep, as we’re not talking refreshingly low humidity and pure Canadian comfort building down for the last day of spring.

However, it will be a noticeable improvement compared to the past few days.

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While we do see a 48-hour reprieve from the summer muggies, we won’t see any drop in our temperatures, which actually look to remain fairly consistent for much of the forecast. Our average high for the middle of June is around 83 degrees, and we should be around or above that benchmark through next weekend. It’s warmer than average, but not necessarily all that hot, as I don’t foresee many 90-degree days in the short or medium range.

Purely in terms of comfort, the next two days will be the pick of the week, with warm and less sticky sunshine, not to mention a less active breeze as well. Summer begins just after midnight Wednesday, and we’ll welcome the new season with some suntastic early summer weather.

But once it is officially summer, we know the humidity never stays away for long. Right on cue, the level of discomfort will rise along with the dew points later this week as the sticky and tropical air returns by Thursday and Friday. When the humidity rises, so does the chance for some scattered thunderstorms. Sure enough, an afternoon or evening storm will be peppered throughout the forecast from Friday through Sunday.

The risk of rip currents off our beaches has been elevated for more than a week, and that risk will likely remain at least moderate through Wednesday. It’s not due to the common cause of rip currents, which is offshore tropical activity, but instead, a long period swell that promotes rip current formation.

Coincidentally, there are two systems that will try to develop deep in the tropics this week, but neither will impact South Jersey.

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