A mostly cloudy and warm Friday is on the way, with a few breaks of sun and a few scattered thundershowers possible.  Highs will be in the upper 70s on the mainland making Friday the warmest day of the forecast, upper 60s at the shore.

We’re now two-thirds of the way through April, and it appears Mother Nature is making amends for our unseasonably cool March.

With 20 days officially in the books, seven of them have seen highs soar above 70, and Friday should make eight.

A handful of those days have surged past 80, and there’s an outside shot of flirting with it Friday afternoon.

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That warmth may produce a few scattered thunderstorms as the day progresses, but it should be more dry than wet as we wrap up the workweek.

Despite the overall warm theme of the month, we have had cooler interludes peppered throughout April. Another one is slated to begin over the weekend and likely last through the first half of next week.

In typical April fashion, the cooler stretch will be marked by northeast winds off the ocean waters, hence the cooler forecast on land from Saturday through Tuesday.

The temperature outlook is a little clearer than the rainfall forecast, which has some uncertainties over the next four days. So far this week, the focus has been Sunday for our best chance for a steadier round of rain, with Saturday being the better and drier weekend day.

That general idea is still applicable, but as usual, we can finesse the specifics as the weekend draws closer.

First, it’s looking increasingly likely that Sunday won’t be a washout, and that the wettest weather will occur Saturday night into Sunday morning. It’s also possible that the steadiest rain stays to our south, and that South Jersey will be on the northern fringe of the rain altogether.

Next, Saturday still looks mainly dry, although the sunshine may be rather limited as clouds thicken and rain arrives overnight. Both days look cooler, especially Sunday as the ocean breeze becomes established.

Northeast breezes will linger Monday and Tuesday, but it’s still unclear whether we’ll see sun, clouds or even a few showers. I’ve inserted a few raindrops into the Tuesday forecast.

On a final and milder note, an impressive surge of warmth awaits us for next weekend.

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Broadcast meteorologist for 15 years (Marquette, Michigan; Burlington, VT; Albany, NY; South Jersey). NBC40 Chief meteorologist from December 2003 through December 2014. Press meteorologist since January 2015

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