On Tuesday, a line of gusty thunderstorms swept through South Jersey just before dinner.

Yesterday’s quick-hitting damaging downpours chose the lunch hour to blow through. Winds as high as 66 mph downed trees and caused power outages around midday, despite little to no thunder.

No, a breakfast boomer is not on our weather menu today. Instead, we’ll be treated to a well-deserved entirely dry day today. Tomorrow too. In fact, we should remain thunderstorm-free until at least Saturday evening and enjoy what should be a bright, breezy and comfortably warm stretch of early June weather through the start of the weekend.


Strong winds gusting more than 60 mph have caused a partial roof collapse in Atlantic City a…

As cooler and less humid air finds a home in South Jersey over the next three days, we can jump at the opportunity to give our air conditioners a break and let Mother Nature do the cooling for free. With plentiful sunshine and an occasionally brisk west to northwest breeze, highs will top out in the comfortably warm mid 70s each day. The nights should feature some great sleeping weather, with light breezes and crisp lows near 50.

Can our meteorological good fortune continue through the weekend? The answer is a conditional yes. The two weekend days should both feature partly sunny skies and remain dry, which means the weather cooperates with any outdoor activities you may have. Unless, that is, you have Saturday evening or overnight plans.

That’s our next window for some scattered thunderstorms, as some potentially severe storms develop over Pennsylvania on Saturday. I expect the leftovers of that activity to move in our direction by Saturday night. However, it’s still uncertain if they will lose any of their vigor as they track east, and if so, how much any storms will weaken.

I’m still favoring the idea that a one-day shot of warmer weather sneaks in behind those thunderstorms, so temperatures on Sunday could soar well into the 80s, despite an increasingly blustery northwest breeze. We’ll then settle back into the upper 70s early next week.

Meteorologist/Staff Writer

Broadcast meteorologist for 15 years (Marquette, Michigan; Burlington, VT; Albany, NY; South Jersey). NBC40 Chief meteorologist from December 2003 through December 2014. Press meteorologist since January 2015

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