ATLANTIC CITY - Facing a severe lack of funding the Atlantic City's Boys & Girls Club director, Mekos Denson, resigned Monday as the decision was made to shutter the club until it gets its finances in order.

Denson isn't the only employee leaving, another 10 full-time employees were laid off.

The club, which serves roughly 200 children every day, will temporarily close its doors Thursday evening, possibly until this fall.

The loss of a $200,000 grant and increased demand lead to the decision to close its doors.

Closing until fall however is a worst-case scenario and efforts are already underway to save it and re-open before then, said David Ross, who is retired from 45 years of service with Boys & Girls Club of America.

He was brought in to act as an interim chief provisional officer for the Atlantic City club as part of an effort to get it back open.

Three other staffers will be kept on part-time to man the phones and keep the building secure, Ross said.

The sudden closure has caused concern in the community, as families scramble to find after-school care for their children.

"This is my home," said Councilman Marty Small, who spent every day at the club from ages 8 to 18.

Parents received a letter from the Board of Directors on Tuesday telling them that the club "has temporarily suspended operations until the fall due to financial difficulties."

The last limited programs will be Thursday from 2:45 to 6 p.m.

Peter Fleischmann, director of organizational development for the national organization, said there will be someone available to help with the transition, if needed.

One option for the hundreds of children who participated in the club is the Police Athletic League, which is nearby and will take in anyone who signs up as a member.

Fleischmann said he knows some families already have found other programs or are getting family and friends to help out.

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