Police seized a great number of weapons, suspected drugs and $150,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise Monday from six businesses on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Police uncovered 508 switchblade knives, 236 sets of brass knuckles, 109 butterfly knives and 10 stun guns from three of the stores, authorities said in a news release.

Police also found 207 packs of suspected synthetic cannabinoids - chemical substances that offer similar highs to marijuana - in one store. Future charges depend on lab results.

Police did not identify the businesses, but said they are located on the 2600 block, 1700 block, two locations in the 1600 block, 1300 block and 1200 block of the Boardwalk.

A total of 3,530 purses, wallets, clutches, bags, belts, shoes, scarfs, belt buckles, jewelry, watches and leather goods also were seized, police said. Officers also seized $2,024 from the businesses.

Usman Mohammed, 27, of Atlantic City, Wasal A. Khan, 34, of Galloway Township, and Naman Rafi, 30, of Galloway, were charged with counterfeiting, police said.

Shabzad Ali, 32, of Atlantic City, Mohammad Asghar, 46, of Atlantic City, and Usman Mohammed, 27, of Atlantic City, were charged with counterfeiting and possession of prohibited weapons. Asghar also was charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

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