An Absecon man fired 20 gunshots from inside his home Sunday morning because he was afraid of intruders, police said.

Nino Calabrese, 53, called police to his home on the 100 block of Lisbon Avenue at 4:37 a.m. saying he believed multiple intruders had entered his home and he opened fire on them, police said.

Calabrese then escaped his house from a second-story window and ran to a neighbor’s house to summon help.

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Police said he found his neighbor asleep on a couch and tried to wake him up. When the neighbor did not wake up, Calabrese was afraid the intruders may have killed his neighbor. He then escaped from a second-story window — which he broke open with a chair — and leapt into a backyard pool to escape, police said. He then fled to another neighbor’s garage where he hid until police arrived.

A preliminary investigation by police Sunday found this was an isolated incident and there was no threat to the community by outside intruders.

Some local residents were evacuated from their homes as a perimeter was set up as a precaution. No suspects were located inside any of the homes.

Police said Calabrese suffered back injuries after leaping from his second-story window. No other injuries were reported.

Police found a gun believed to belong to Calabrese but did not find evidence of other shots fired by anyone but him.

Officers from multiple agencies assisted at the scene.

No charges were announced by police.

Anyone with information or community concerns in regard to this incident is asked to contact Detective Mitch Levin at 609-641-0667, ext. 217.

Staff writer Trudi Gilfillian contributed to this report.

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