ACUA kickoff

Pleasantville Mayor Jesse Tweedle and ACUA president Rick Dovey stand near the new campaign slogan at a kickoff event Tuesday morning. 

PLEASANTVILLE — The Atlantic County Utilities Authority has revealed a new campaign slogan — "Put it out there” — to encourage an increase in recycling in the county.

"This is not a (public relations) campaign," ACUA President Rick Dovey said at the kickoff event Tuesday on New Maple Road. He said the goal is to ensure progress is made in increasing resident participation in recycling in the county

The new campaign is a cooperative effort by the ACUA and Curbside Value Partnership. The Virginia-based company each year selects communities to partner with that have strong existing programs, according to a joint statement from the two.

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The ACUA, which provides waste management and recycling collection services in 21 of 23 municipalities in Atlantic County, hopes that 50 percent of residents will participate in curbside recycling, Dovey said.

Dovey spoke to a crowd of about 20 gathered for Tuesday’s event, and said Pleasantville is one of the strongest communities in the county when it comes to recycling.

The ACUA works with ReCommunity Recycling, a Charlotte, N.C.-based, company, to make recycling in the community easier. ReCommunity staff works at the ACUA plant to sort out recyclables so that residents don’t have to, according to ACUA spokeswoman Amy Menzel.

The single-stream program allows for one recycling bin to be used per household, avoiding uncertainty, according to a statement from ACUA.

Pleasantville City Council President Judy Ward said after the event that the ACUA's single-stream program is convenient and the ability to recycle aerosol cans helps make recycling an easier task.

“I want to challenge every resident in Pleasantville and in the county to be more diligent about recycling,” Mayor Jesse Tweedle said at the event.

The ACUA estimated the recycling rate in Atlantic County was approximately 42 percent last year.

“Our data comes from tonnage measured and reported, rather than a household by household count. Participation rates vary from one municipality to another, and in many of our shore towns, participation varies greatly with the seasonal influx. In some communities, less than half of the residents may recycle, while in others, there is much stronger participation,” said spokeswoman Amy Menzel.

“Residents in ACUA’s service area are entitled to one free bucket per year. Additional buckets are available for $10,” Menzel said. “You can also use any container, like an old trash can, with an ACUA sticker.”

Residents can request a recycle bucket by contacting the ACUA at (609) 272-6950.

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