Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa saw a 16 percent drop in gross revenues in July but $5 million of that came as a result of a single patron’s winnings, a casino executive said.

The man won while playing high-stakes mini-Baccarat over one weekend in July, said Joe Lupo, senior vice president of operations at Borgata, who declined to give the patron’s name.

“That is one of the biggest winnings from one customer we ever had,” Lupo said. “He had a great weekend.”

Borgata led the city in gross total casino wins at $54 million in July. Had the patron not won the $5 million, Borgata would have seen only an 8 percent drop in gross gambling revenues.

“We’re glad that we know where the aberration is that is causing the decline,” Lupo said. “It’s such a singular event. That’s the business we’re in.”

Other high-stakes wins include gambler Don Johnson, who took Tropicana Casino and Resort for $2 million, pushing that casino’s earnings 8 percent lower than the previous year. Johnson, known as “The Beast of Blackjack,” also took another $15.1 million from other Atlantic City casinos between December 2010 and April 2011.

While Lupo said the man who won $5 million from Borgata did so by chance, the game recently has been mirred in controversies involving unshuffled cards, including $400,000 lost in December at the Taj Mahal, resulting in fines and nine employees losing their jobs.

In April, gamblers bet on a shoe of unshuffled cards, winning $1.5 million from Golden Nugget. But that casino has refused to redeem nearly $1 million in chips, saying the gamblers “unlawfully” took advantage of the error.

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