Revel casino project in Atlantic City.

High wind blew a glass wall panel off the Revel building Thursday afternoon, according to a spokesman for Tishman Construction, the project construction manager - but the city emergency management director said authorities were not notified of the incident.

John P. Gallagher, Tishman's vice president for public affairs, confirmed the incident at the Revel Entertainment Group site on Connecticut Avenue in an e-mail Saturday.

"At some point after work had stopped for the day on Thursday, materials including a glass curtain wall panel that had not yet been installed, blew off the building and broke through the guardrails landing on the metal decking below inside the site," Gallagher said. "Because of weather concerns, construction activity on the hotel tower was suspended on Friday morning. No one was injured and there was no exposure to the public."

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Any damage was contained within the fenced-in construction area, Gallagher said.

The National Weather Service recorded sustained inland winds of 28 mph Thursday afternoon, with gusts reaching 38 mph.

Tom Foley, the city's chief of emergency services, was critical of Tishman for not informing authorities.

"It was an incident that happened in our city," Foley said. "Emergency management and the fire department should have been notified."

"We're going to be asking some questions about just what happened there," Foley added.

On Friday, the Chinese firm China State Construction Engineering Corp., which signed on with Revel and Tishman to oversee completion of the $1.7 billion Revel megaresort, said Revel is pursuing financing with a Chinese government-owned bank.

Tiger Wu, an executive vice president of China State Construction, said Export-Import Bank of China is interested in providing financing for the Revel project, adding the two already have a "framework agreement."

China State Construction would have a 51 percent ownership in the new construction partnership, work for which is expected to be completed by July 2011.

Staff writer Erik Ortiz contributed to this story.

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