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Blue, a 6-month-old purebred American pit bull, was stolen from a locked pen in Middle Township. Middle Township Police

All Anthony Connor wants for Christmas is to have his puppy back.

The 6-month-old purebred American pit bull was stolen from a locked pen at his home on Cedar Avenue in the Burleigh section of Middle Township, police said. The lock was apparently taken off the kennel and could not be found.

Anthony's mother, Sylvia Connor, said Thursday that her 19-year-old son saved his money and bought the puppy this summer from a Cumberland County breeder for $600. The puppy, named Blue and registered with the American Kennel Club, was Anthony's beloved pet.

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"He plays with it all the time," Sylvia Connor said. "He walks the dog when he gets out of school. He just loves that dog."

But when Anthony went outside to feed Blue before heading to school Tuesday morning, he found the pen empty, Sylvia Connor said. The family called police.

Her son is heartsick that Blue is missing, and is hoping against hope that the puppy will be found, Connor said.

"He's saying ‘I hope somebody brings my dog back.' He came home from school today and asked if anybody called about the dog," Connor said Thursday.

Blue is very friendly, and that probably made him easy to steal, Connor said.

"I just can't imagine someody doing something like that to him," she said.

Anyone who sees Blue or has information about the theft is asked to call Middle Township police at 609-465-8700.

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