Atlantic City’s business administrator was in an accident in his city vehicle this week on his way into work.

Arch Liston slid on a patch of ice and struck a tree Thursday, Mayor Don Guardian said.

He did not have details on the crash, which occurred in the area of Mount Holly, where Liston lives. He will move into a unit at the Bella condominiums in Atlantic City next month.

Liston still made his noon meeting with the mayor, and stayed at work until about 3 p.m., despite pain from the crash, Guardian said.

The business administrator and solicitor are a few of the employees who still have take-home cars, he said.

“I thought, since they have to respond on any day and all times of the day, they can take their city car home to their city address,” Guardian said.

Liston was out of work Friday to recuperate.

Lynda Cohen

Senior copy editor for the Press of Atlantic City. Have worked as a reporter, copy editor and news editor with the paper since 1985. A graduate of the University of Delaware.