ATLANTIC CITY — The man who received national attention for breaking up a fight between two city teens used his moment in the spotlight to honor someone else: his mother.

Ibn Ali Miller, 26, of Atlantic City, thanked and hugged his mom during an emotional five-minute speech at Wednesday’s City Council meeting. His remarks and recognition came two days after he was captured on video intervening in the fight and getting the teens to shake hands.

The video was shared more than 664,000 times and had more than 26 million views as of Wednesday morning. NBA star LeBron James and rapper Snoop Dogg have praised Miller for his actions.

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“People get 15 minutes of fame a lot,” Miller said. “I would like to use every second of the 15 minutes to send gratitude to my mother.”

Miller, who received a framed City Council resolution recognizing his actions, said his mom, Sabrina Winters, 47, helped put him on the right path in life.

“My mother stuck by me,” he said as Winters wiped away his tears. “My mother aided me. My mother supported me.”

Council also recognized the two teens in the video: Jamar Mobley, 15, and Sheldon Ward, 18. They thanked Miller in brief remarks.

Miller said the “whole situation deeply saddens me” because people found the video “unbelievable.”

“This should be very believable. This should be a norm and it should be regular,” he said.

He added that communities are “missing the fathers.”

A large crowd at council chambers watched the video on a projector. City Council President Marty Small, who met with the teens before the meeting, said the video was positive for the city.

“We’ve had our fair share of negativity with political wars, violence, financial issues,” Small said. “So this was a good positive light on the city of Atlantic City that three gentlemen in the front row played a major part of.”

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