Stafford Township Emergency Management announced they will allow limited reentry for residents to Beach Haven West Thursday.

Reentry starts at noon and ends at 4 p.m. Residents will be shuttled along bus routes spanning Mill Creek Road, Jennifer Lane, and Morris Boulevard.

Residents will walk from the shuttle stops to and from their residences.

Residents must present proof of residency or ownership of the residence.

Acceptable forms of ID include: 

Driver’s License containing property address

Tax or Utility bill containing property address

Residents without an acceptable form of ID must report to Stafford Town Hall to obtain from the tax office documentation of ownership.

Only two adults per residence will be permitted and no children will be permitted access. Only one visit per day per residence will be permitted.

Mill Creek Road and Jonathan Drive. Parking will be permitted on the shoulder of Mill Creek Road between Charles Blvd. and Mill Creek Road.

Marsha Drive and Beach Haven West Boulevard. Parking will be permitted along Beach Haven West Boulevard.