Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa faces $17,000 in fines after allowing two New Jersey teenagers to gamble and drink at the casino in separate incidents last year.

In one case, a 19-year-old male managed to gamble for four hours at nearly 30 slot machines on Aug. 28 before he was removed from the casino floor by State Police, according to the complaint filed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

A security officer approached the teen for identification twice but allowed him to remain on the floor. In one instance, the teen said he lost his wallet with his identification. Later, he told the same officer he went to a lost and found about his wallet and said the staff at lost and found told him he could continue gambling.

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In a separate incident on May 20, a 19-year-old female was admitted to the MurMur nightclub after showing her sister’s identification. She left the club nearly two hours later at 4:45 a.m. and eventually stopped at a blackjack table where she was served two alcoholic beverages by a cocktail server who did not ask for identification, documents state.

Security approached the teen, who admitted she was underage.

Neither teenager is named in the complaints.

According to orders signed by DGE Director David Rebuck, on Feb. 21, Borgata was fined $7,000 for permitting an underage individual to drink on the casino floor. The casino was fined another $10,000 for allowing an underage individual to gamble on the casino floor.

Brian Brennan, a spokesman for the Borgata, declined to comment on the fines.

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